You have more important things to do than to manually post card transactions payments into your accounting system!

Pixit? Picks It.

treibauf Pixit reliably extracts all relevant accounting data from card payments and uses them to automatically create booking entries for your accounting system. The cloud-based solution collects your card payment transactions from your card processor, convert the transactions into booking entries and transfer them to your accounting system. In so doing, payments can be posted not only as summaries, but also as specific transactions. The application can even reliably differentiate between gross and net amounts and individually post them.

The intuitive user interface permits you, at any time, to define your own rules for the creation of accounting entries and to group or enrich all accounting data based upon your individual requirements.

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Technical Details

• Processes data from all terminals (integrated, mobile or stand-alone)
• Processes credit, debit and gift cards and mobile payments
• Consolidates information from all cash register systems and web shops
• Usable internationally
• Can be integrated into any standard accounting system
• Lists all transactions transparently

save time

Make less mistakes

No installation required

Maximum Security

Cost-effective solution

scalable solution