Connect Cash Registers with a Web API with Terminals in a universal, stable and flexible way.

Classical cash register systems are increasingly being replaced by mobile and tablet cash registers. treibauf Pepper Container was specially developed for these newer systems. In this regard, it is a Docker variant of treibauf Pepper.

Pepper Container? Connects EFT applications in a Docker.

Just like treibauf Pepper, Pepper Container also sends the payment amount automatically from your cash register to the payment terminal. In addition, the Docker technology simplifies the configuration as well as the maintenance and functions independently of your cash register’s operating system.

Pepper Container is Pepper in a Docker.

Pepper Container offers the full scope of services of Pepper: The software is just as fast and reliable as a Swiss watch. The Docker technology fits perfectly into your environment and enables the seamless connection of a wide array of terminals, cash register and operating systems quite regardless of whether your branch is located in London or in the Bahamas.




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Precisely worldwide-operating companies with heterogeneous terminal and cash register structures appreciate this flexibility.

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• Universal EFT driver
• 1 REST API (RESTful Application Programming Interface) between the cash register and Pepper
• Optimized for web protocols
• Independent of the operating system’s programming language
• Independent of other applications. Simplified maintenance and updates
• Precise log files for simplified support

fast integrated





maintenance friendly