If the daily sales of a branch do not match with the bank’s credit note, a difficult search often begins to find the “needle in the haystack”–unless a you are using treibauf Matchbox.

Matchbox? Makes it all match.

treibauf Matchbox automatically reconciles cashless transactions with the credits from the card processors. The reliable tracking dog promptly identifies accounting irregularities. Companies, which use treibauf Matchbox, thus save not only much time, but also money and trouble. This alone already makes treibauf Matchbox the accountants’ “best friend”. Thanks to the flexible architecture of the software, treibauf Matchbox can also communicate directly with the accounting systems without taking away the control over the data from the Accounting Department.




Unterstütze Terminals


Verfügbare Länder




• Processes data from all terminals (integrated, mobile or stand-alone)
• Processes credit, debit and gift cards, mobile payments as well as cash withdrawals
• Consolidates information from all cash register systems and web shops
• Usable internationally
• Can be integrated into any standard accounting system
• Despite full automation, offers the option of manual corrections
• Lists all transactions transparently
• Through the click of a mouse, displays all details of each individual transaction

Time- and Cost Saving

ERP independent



Secure and Stable

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