Regular testing is necessary to guarantee secure payment processes. The good news? Beginning now, you no longer need to manually test the communication between your EFT terminals and the cash registers. treibauf Inflagranti automates, simplifies and accelerates your testing process.

Inflagranti? Tests it for you.

Inflagranti? Tests it for you.
treibauf Inflagranti records the communication between the cash register and the terminal lightning-fast and then plays it back as often as needed, without the terminal still having to be connected! The automated testing drastically reduces your test cycles. Time which you can now invest somewhere else.




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Technical Details

• Client-server solution
• Plug-in architecture: A plug-in is required for each communication protocol (for example O.P.I, ZVT or PSAM)
• Replay via a command line application
• Infagranti is a pure data stream recorder. However, parts of the communication can be dynamically adjusted thanks to “Dynamic Fields” (amount, currency, date, time and delays)

Automated Testing

Drastic time savings

Record/Replay Function

Create Playlists

Dynamic Datastreams