Based on 20 years of experience in the EFT market we continuously expand our services. Today we offer comprehensive consulting for the entire cashless money flow:

  • requirements analysis at the customer as well as the evaluation of appropriate payment solutions and reliable partners (card processorsterminal vendors) withhigh quality of service
  • activation of new card products, commissioning of new terminals, migration of existing systems and preparation of contracts with providers
  • consolidation of various payment channels (EFT/POS, eCommercemail & phone order)
  • introduction of value added solutions (DCC, electronic vouchers, couponing, mobile vouchers, new forms of payment)

Our services are transnational, customizable and independent of the manufacturer – regardless of whether you use our or third-party software. The aim of our advice is always optimizing your costs and operational processes in cashless money flow.

Thank you for your interest, we would be glad to hear from you.