Electronic payment transactions should make life easier–not just for your customers, but rather also for you and your employees! This is why treibauf is here: We develop both secure as well as flexible EFT interface solutions, thus ensuring seamless payment transactions worldwide–and save you a lot of headaches.

Regardless of the bank or system environment you use: For more than 20 years, we repeatedly anticipate new trends, precisely analyse the requirements of our customers and then develop EFT solutions with Swiss quality standards which are individually usable and scalable.

Besides: Precisely when it concerns the worldwide integration of their payment systems, large companies rely on our software because they know that, with treibauf, their EFT interfaces will function seamlessly everywhere, the payment streams will reliably flow–and that they will be able to concentrate on their core business.

We flexibly connect all popular cash register systems and card terminals with each other and ensure that they automatically communicate with each other.

We develop software solutions which automatically reconcile all cashless payment data and transfer them into our customers’ accounting system.

In order to guarantee correct payment flows, one must test them. Our tools automate these processes–and thus save a lot of time.

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